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We install professional water heaters and service all makes and models.


We can upgrade, repair or replace. There are 100’s options for toilets!


Faucets for your kitchen, bath or laundry room. We can service or install almost any type make or model.


Drains, faucets and bath tubs. We can repair or replace any of these.

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Plumbing & Heating Repairs

Zoeller Sump Pumps have proven to be the absolute best in the industry, that’s why we only install Zoeller Pumps.

We can replace your existing pump, install a new primary pump, install water or battery powered back-ups, dig a new sump pump pit or install a perimeter type drain.

One of the most common seasonal plumbing repairs is your outside hose faucet. These are commonly referred to as hose bib’s, sillcocks, hose spigot’s or hose faucets. No matter what they’re called we can replace them.

We can replace, relocate and add hose faucets. Depending on the age and brand every once in a while we can even repair one.

Did you know you can add a hose faucet with cold and HOT water?! These are awesome for washing the dog, or even the car during the spring or fall!

Old pipes keep getting older and they start to leak, that’s a fact.

Copper pipe, cast iron pipe, galvanized pipe, black iron pipe, lead pipe and even the variety of plastic pipes can develop leaks.  The repair process is much different for the various materials of pipe that we currently use, and have been used for the last 100 years.

Leaks are often times inside of walls and ceilings and can be very difficult to locate. Qualified technicians must be able to familiarize themselves with the layout of the plumbing system even when they cant see it. This is important so that only the specific area of wall or ceiling is removed to locate and repair the leak.

No matter how severe the leak may be or how old the pipe that is leaking may be, you want a professional to handle it. We are Licensed and Insured, and qualified to work on any of the many types of pipe installed in Delaware, Chester and Montgomery Counties.

Any drain can clog and almost any drain will clog.

Clogged drains are nothing but a nuisance and cause serious discomfort in the home.

The large majority of drains can be simply unclogged with the use of some professional drain cleaning equipment however; some drains due to the age and material may not be able to unclog.

We will always do our very best to unclog any drain and always use the most professional equipment to do so. We will also promise to discuss any recommendations we may have to prevent future clogs.

A kitchen faucet is the reflection of a specific life style.

Do you entertain often? Are you baking frequently? Do you have larger pots to fill and clean? Do you prefer take out over cooking? These are the questions to consider when choosing a kitchen faucet.

For the frequent cook or baker, you may want to consider a pull out spray or a high arc faucet.

For the entertainer, maybe a touch free faucet.

For the take out lover, let’s go basic and reliable.

Authentic Services will make sure that right faucet is offered for the right situation.

Bathroom faucets can be installed on vanity tops, pedestals or even in walls and behind mirrors.

Your bathroom, lavatory faucet or lav faucet gets a lot of use and a lot of abuse. The most commonly repaired faucet in the house is the lavatory faucet.

The oldest style faucets had seats and washers in them that can sometimes still be replaced during a repair.

The old style faucets had stems that can most of the time be replaced during a repair.

The current style faucets have cartridges that can be replaced as long as the manufacturer is still making them.

Authentic Services is more than happy to replace or attempt repairs on any lavatory faucet.

Tub and shower faucet or shower-only faucet. Single handle, two handle or three handle faucet. Pressure balancing or anti- scald faucet.

Much like lavatory faucets, there are many repair or replacement options.

It may be possible to replace the washers and seats, the stems or the cartridge all depending on availability of parts.

Authentic Services has experience in replacing, upgrading or repairing any style of bathtub or shower faucet.

Reduce your carbon footprint by using a garbage disposal. By using your garbage disposal you are allowing food to be broken down in waste treatment plants and recycled back into drinking water. Throwing food in the trash will fill our landfills with decaying foods, contributing to an existing methane gas issue that is damaging our fragile o-zone.

Depending on the amount of use the disposal will get, Authentic Services will recommend the proper sized disposal.

1/2, 3/4 and 1 horsepower models are available and suitable for most residential homes.

Instant Hot Water is the ultimate in comfort and is a great option for savings on water and energy usage.

Instant hot usually will refer to one or two different pieces of equipment.

It is possible to install a pump and special fitting in your existing plumbing system to deliver hot water from your water heater within seconds if not instantly to any faucet in your home.

There is also an option for hot water to make tea, coffee or a cup of noodles! A special faucet can be mounted to a counter-top and a heating unit can be installed underneath of the cabinet. This will deliver you nearly boiling hot water directly to that faucet and that faucet only.

Water filtration solves a problem, there is not one “fit all” solution. Water filtration systems need to be chosen based on the specific quality of water delivered to your home.

Whether it is well water or city water, there are options available. Please call to have your water tested and discuss options for treatment.

Water filtration systems can be installed in a whole house type, drinking water or point of use type and ice maker type.

Well Water systems are classified in many different ways; Jet pump and Submersible are the main types.

Jet pump systems can be easily identified by the fact that the pump for this system is located above ground, generally in a basement. After you have determined you have a jet pump, you can then determine if it is a 1 pipe or 2 pipe system.

If your pump is not above ground then you more than likely have a submersible type pump. This pump will be located deep under the ground in a well casing. These types of pumps can be anywhere from 75′ to 1000′ in the ground. Most commonly they are between 150′ and 400′ deep.

Sewer line repairs can often be some of the most invasive and expensive repairs to have performed at your home.

If the work is being done outside of your home you can have a conventional type dig, a trench-less excavation or a liner installed to correct the issues.

Consult a professional who offers at least two of these options to determine which is best for you.

Determining factors will be local codes, landscaping, curb traps, clean-outs and surrounding utilities.

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